Research Assistant

Salary Range [based on year of experience] RM3,000.00


  • Assist in carrying out basic research for example by preparing, establishing, carrying out and recording the results of work and field work, questionnaire development and conducting surveys, using simple mathematical modeling or scientific calculations;
  • Assist in conducting an initial assessment of complaints and information received;
  • Assist in conducting an initial assessment of potential violation cases;
  • Assist in the investigation of cartel cases;
  • Assist in the investigation of abuse of dominant position cases;
  • Manage project data collection, data entry and processing of correspondence based on the given deadline;
  • Assisting the secretariat to coordinate meetings and manage work-related policies, strategic planning and market research analysis and draft guidelines;
  • Assist in coordinating meetings and discussions related to the Investigation & Enforcement Division;
  • Help to coordinate all local and international support programs; and
  • Other tasks directed from time to time.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Legal/Economics/Accountancy/Information Technology/Law Enforcement from a university recognized by the Malaysian government.
  • Fresh Graduate up to 2 years maximum relevant experience.

Closing Date of Application:

* Due to large number of application, we regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. If you do not receive any reply from within 3 months, your application has not been shortlisted.