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Matters Under MyCC Matters Not Under MyCC

Matters Under MyCC

Anti - Competitive Agreement

Horizontal or vertical agreement between enterprises that have the object or effect of significantly preventing, restricting or distorting competition in any market for goods or services.

eg: Price Fixing, Bid Rigging, Market Sharing, Limiting production

Abuse of Dominant Position

An enterprise is prohibited from engaging, whether independently or collectively, in any conduct which amounts to abuse of a dominant position in any market for goods or services.

eg: Price Discrimination, Predatory behaviour, Refusal to Supply, Buying up scare goods & resources.

Matters Not Under MyCC

- Telecommunication / Postal / Courier Service
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

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- Claims for purchase (below RM50,000)
Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia

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- Consumer Issue
Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living

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- Aviation matters / Airline Ticket
Malaysia Aviation Commission

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- Energy Sector
Energy Commission

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