Staff Directory

+603-2273 2277
+603-2272 2293/1692
Chairman Office
Name Designation Email
Dato' Seri Mohd Hishamudin Bin Md Yunus Chairman [email protected]
Chief Executive Officer Office
Name Designation Email
Iskandar Bin Ismail CEO [email protected]
Mumtaz Zarifah Binti Mustaffa Special Officer, Assistant Director [email protected]
Musyyarah Binti Zammil Admin Assistant [email protected]
Arul A/L Govindarajoo Operation Assistant [email protected]
Investigation & Enforcement Division
Name Designation Email
Thiyagu A/L Thuraisamy Admin Assistant [email protected]
Strategic Planning & International Affairs Division
Name Designation Email
Vacant Director [email protected]
Pakeeza Binti Mohammed Junus Principal Assistant Director [email protected]
Emeliadiana Binti Alawi Assistant Director [email protected]
Naqila Binti Puaad Assistant Director [email protected]
Muhammad Syairazi Bin Md Aliman Assistant Director [email protected]
Nur Athirah Binti Ali Assistant Secretary [email protected]
Nur Syaidatul Aqmar Binti Abdul Lattif Research Assistant [email protected]
Siti Noratiqah Binti Masron Research Assistant [email protected]
Jamunashangkari A/P Arumugam Admin Assistant [email protected]
Business & Economics Division
Name Designation Email
Ismail Faruqi Bin Abdullah Acting Head (Officer in Charge) [email protected]
Rafidah Binti Abd Rahman Assistant Director [email protected]
Nur Azlin Falihin Binti Pathil Assistant Director [email protected]
Izzat Muhaimin Aziz Bin Pauzzi Assistant Director [email protected]
Aidiela Binti Asri Assistant Director [email protected]
Atyqah Binti Apan Research Assistant [email protected]
Niki Nur Fatini Binti Welim Research Assistant [email protected]
Management Services Division
Name Designation Email
Mohd Faridz Akram Bin Mokhtar Director [email protected]
Khairul Ezzanie Bin Ishak Senior Assistant Director [email protected]
Noor Khalijah Binti Mazlan Assistant Director [email protected]
Assniza Nur Binti Khairul Anuar Assistant Director [email protected]
Noorain Binti Mohamad Yamin Assistant Director [email protected]
Noor Haffini Binti Mohd Noor Assistant Director [email protected]
Mohd Naqib Ajmal Bin Jamaludin Assistant Director [email protected]
Mohd Faqih Bin Razali Admin Assistant [email protected]
Nur Fateha Binti Musa Admin Assistant [email protected]
Mohd Rohaizal Bin Roslan Admin Assistant [email protected]
Siti Nasirah Binti Nadzri Admin Assistant [email protected]
Mohamad Faridzuddin Bin Baharuddin Admin Assistant [email protected]
Muhammad Zyed Bin Mohtar Admin Assistant [email protected]
Wan Zulbaidah binti Wan Mohamed Noor Admin Assistant [email protected]
Hardini Bin Jamaludin Operation Assistant [email protected]
Mohd Fahizal Bin Mohamad Yusof Operation Assistant [email protected]
Shaharizal Bin Abd Wahab Operation Assistant [email protected]
Nur Athirah Binti Mohd Zin Personel MySTEP [email protected]
Nur Natasya Aqilah Binti Mustafa Personel MySTEP [email protected]
Sayyidah Binti Willi Personel MySTEP [email protected]
Durathul Jauhar Afifah Binti Mohamad Awi Internship [email protected]
Communications and Advocacy Division
Name Designation Email
Vacant Head [email protected]
Muhammad Kifah Bin Wan Arifin Assistant Director [email protected]
Nora Helena Helmi Binti Shahabudin Helmi Assistant Director [email protected]
Maha Laxshmi A/P Muthu Krishnan Admin Assistant [email protected]
Mohd Khairun Bin Sudin Admin Assistant [email protected]
Sukjeet Kaur Gill A/P Ajeet Singh Research Assistant [email protected]
Adeeq Faruqee Bin Abdullah Personal MySTEP [email protected]
Integrity and Internal Audit Unit
Name Designation Email
Vacant [email protected]